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mLive presents New Patients Now, content and education for general dentists on attracting new, more, and better patients.

New Patients Now Blog

Gain insights from our New Patients Now blog with quick and easy ways to attract new, more, and better patients to your practice.

New Patients Now Newsletter

Each week our CEO Adam Witty provides a quick, actionable marketing tip by email on attracting, retaining, and upselling patients. Each tip can be easily implemented.

Patients on Demand download

Request your complimentary copy of Patients on Demand: 5 Steps to a Steady Stream of Patients for Your Dental Practice in a Digital-First, Post-Pandemic World and learn how mLive can help you take your practice to the next level.

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What Is My Patient Attraction Score™?

Receive a complimentary critique of your practice's marketing and digital performance without having to talk to a human.

We audit your marketing and send a scorecard summary along with a detailed video explanation that identifies what you are doing well and opportunities for improvement.

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