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Attract and Win Over More, New, and Better Patients with Bold, Persuasive Automated Marketing Campaigns

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The Most Innovative and Effective Marketing Platform for Dentists

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    Get Noticed by the Right Patients

    Your practice will quickly gain attention from prospective patients through easy and intuitive campaigns with engaging text and imagery. Through our targeted campaigns, mLive will help you reach the types of patients you’re seeking. Through these special assets, you’ll stand out from other dentists in your region.

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    Reach Your Goals Without “Guesswork” Marketing

    Our systems encourage quality new patient lead generation. You’ll retain and engage current and past patients, automate, systemize, and make your internal operations and team member protocols more reliable, while dramatically expanding and multiplying patient referral generation, and so much more.

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    Communicate Consistently and Operate Efficiently

    Every aspect of your campaign, from sending emails and posting on social media to collecting contact information, syncs seamlessly with the mLive platform. You’ll attract more quality patients than ever before, and you’ll routinely and systematically communicate with them in a reliable way without requiring team members to remember or follow up.

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    Lead the Pack While Having Fun

    Our campaigns are affordable, effective, and use up-to-date, real-time best practices for marketing specifically for dental practices. Be the practice that’s talked about throughout your region. mLive will help you move your mission forward in your community. Plus, you and your team will have fun, as you inspire countless patients to get the care they need.

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    Inspire Your Team/Share Your Passion with Patients

    Our team of carefully selected graphic designers and content creators custom created unique designs that make your marketing campaigns stand out, get noticed, and most importantly, inspire engagement and represent your personality, vision, purpose, and the message you want to convey.

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    Launch in Minutes

    With the click of a button, your campaigns can be edited, launched, and even customized in just minutes. And that means more quality patients, more consistent referrals, a stronger relationship, greater retention, and a unique brand built around your practice without expensive marketing or waiting for weeks or months for any results.

Our mLive Platform brings your practice to life in the lives of your patients and that quickly leads to undeniable, measurable, and profitable results from day one.

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Dental Marketing Problems?
Consider Them Solved.

We’ve overcome three giant hurdles that dentists face when it comes to attracting new quality patients.

  • It Doesn’t Work

    Using “spray and pray” marketing with “canned” content doesn’t deliver results.

    Measurable Results

    Goal-focused and fully coordinated campaigns deliver results you can monitor and track.

  • It Devours Precious Time

    Dental professionals don’t have the time to write, design, and manage their marketing.

    Fast & Easy

    Our simple user interface and visual campaign builder makes launching campaigns a breeze.

  • It’s Expensive

    Hiring an outside agency to do it all for you is a huge and unsustainable investment.

    Very Affordable

    Ultra high-quality content with a no-brainer level of investment.

Visually stunning and timely campaigns using the latest marketing strategies will help your practice finally experience tangible and measurable results. Communication is handled in a professional and personable way that intrigue and motivate your target audience to become and stay new patients. Due to our unique approach with fun consistently engaging communication and marketing campaigns, patients will refer more friends and family members.

Your Practice Can Consistently Attract New Patients Through Automation
(that means you leave the work to us!)

  • Generate New Patient Leads on Autopilot

    Our turnkey campaigns will automatically push content to email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even online ads. Our lead generation campaigns have a hyper-targeted goal of attracting fresh leads. The marketing practices we use make it easy for prospective patients to get in touch. 

    We know that you and your team are busy. Besides, you’re the experts at what happens when the patients come into your office. We’re the experts at getting them and keeping them there. 

    Imagine running lead generation campaigns 24/7 with just a few clicks!

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  • Nurture Prospects Who’ve Not Yet Said Yes

    Never let an opportunity for a new patient slip between the cracks again! Our automated prospect nurturing campaigns will keep in touch, motivate, and engage prospective patients as well as existing ones. These campaigns create high-touch and unforgettable communications that make you look like a hero, and you don’t have to do a thing except have a team member ready to reply to incoming inquiries.

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  • Automate and Systemize Practice Protocols

    Our patient engagement campaigns help you build unshakable relationships by wowing your patients with relevant content, educational information, and meaningful touchpoints. Even though they’re automated and run 24/7, your patients will always think it’s you (or your team) personally reaching out. Our dentists rave about how powerful these campaigns are at strengthening relationships and generating passive referrals.

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  • Generate Referrals on Demand

    Imagine having a virtual business development representative generating referrals for your practice 24/7. That’s the power of our campaigns. Many dentists and their team members struggle to ask for referrals, don’t feel comfortable asking, or simply don’t ask enough. Based on the most effective referral techniques developed and tested over the years, our campaigns overcome these obstacles for you. Are you ready to start getting more word-of-mouth business on autopilot?

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  • Automate Operational Workflows

    As you generate more quality patients, your team naturally may get overwhelmed with patient intake and phone calls, but don’t worry. That’s called a good problem. Technically, it’s no problem at all because we’ve got that covered! mLive works to systemize team member protocols.

    Our operational workflows help you ensure that scheduling and follow-up never falls between the cracks. Right out of the gate, your patients will always feel well cared for, and you’ll never have to worry about or track anything. These campaigns will help you build rock-solid relationships from the get-go and prepare your patients for a successful experience!

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Ready to Attract Quality New Patients on Auto-Pilot?

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Why Dentists Rave About mLive

  • Give Your Dental Practice an Online Presence that’s “Larger Than Life”

    Pairing a 100% dental-specific approach with our ultra-high-quality content serves to position our dentists as industry-leading experts to both potential patients and current patients alike. mLive’s robust campaigns integrate all the major online channels including landing pages, email, social media, and advertising. Our members are empowered to generate a cohesive and highly recognizable presence that’s “larger than life.”

  • Deeper Patient Relationships

    Through taking advantage of the power and precision of automated campaigns and workflows, dentists are freed from the burdens of marketing. This allows them to stay focused on doing what they do best: helping patients boost their oral health. As a result, our dentists report better than ever patient relationships, increased retention, and even more word-of-mouth referrals.

  • Efficiently Leveraged Time (This is BIG!)

    mLIVE has removed all of the timely tasks and management responsibilities from day-to-day tasks, thanks to our robust automation capabilities. All the various tasks required to launch a campaign, like posting to social media and sending emails, are done automatically in complete unison with just the click of a button.

  • Expansive Reach Without Leaving The Office

    With turnkey advertising solutions (optional), we’ll be expanding your reach, growing your social media following, and driving traffic from social networks. Our advertising plans are affordable for nearly every budget and can be tailored to suit any type of dental practice.

  • Transparent, Data-Driven Results

    We are driven to produce results and help you consistently attract more quality patients! With the click of a button, you’ll have instant, on-demand access to easy-to-read analytics so you can see how each and every campaign is performing. How’s that for transparency and simplicity?


Start Scaling Your Marketing Automatically

Step 1

Set Up Your Account In Minutes

By using our mLive Onboarding Wizard, you can simply add your practice’s contact details and connect all of your social accounts. A Success Specialist will reach out to verify your account setup and will guide you in kicking off your automated marketing system.

Step 2

Watch Your Practice Grow on “Autopilot”

Every month, you’ll launch fresh, timely, and goal-focused campaigns like magic. A Success Specialist will provide guidance on your “launch” to make sure everything aligns with your growth objectives. All campaign metrics will be tracked so you can sit back and witness your “autopilot” growth.

Ready to Attract Quality New Patients on Auto-pilot?

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