Why marketing automation?

Why do a few practices grow while the majority do not? What do the top few have in common? They’ve deployed marketing automation inside their practice. They recognize a fundamental principle: technology that automatically educates prospects and patients will yield new, more, and better patients for their practice automatically. 

With marketing automation, dentists can spend more time with patients chairside while technology delivers new patients that pay, stay, and refer.


Technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance

Marketing Automation Defined

Marketing automation is technology that manages marketing processes and campaigns, across multiple channels, automatically to increase revenue and maximize efficiency while limiting the amount of human input needed.

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Technology that manages marketing processes and campaigns.

Science and data show that multi-step, multi-channel campaigns yield the highest response and ROI. Manually executing a 5 to 15 step marketing campaign is grueling and time consuming. Most practices waste marketing dollars because they lack follow up. Marketing automation makes follow up easy.

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Increase revenue and maximize efficiency.

The average general practice is stagnant. Revenues are flat. Marketing automation allows you to reach thousands of prospects and patients with highly valuable content and education that positions you as the authority and pre-conditions them to accept treatment. All of this with the click of a button.

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Limiting the amount of human input needed.

General practices are overworked and maxed out. The doctor needs to spend time chairside delivering outstanding clinical care. The staff needs to schedule and coordinate a beautiful patient experience. Who has time for marketing? Marketing automation allows you to accomplish hours of marketing in minutes.

Marketing automation is your secret weapon.

The average general practice in America generates $771K in annual revenue. Very few exceed $1M. The $1M+ practices don’t necessarily provide better clinical care, but they do market more effectively. $1M+ practices use marketing systems and technology that AUTOMATE the mundane (but necessary) process of attracting, converting, and retaining patients. $1M+ practices rely on technology (with human guidance) to do the heavy lifting. Practice growth and prosperity can be achieved in any practice. Marketing automation is a key ingredient.

How do you create patients on demand?

Allow us to introduce you to the Marketing Automation Coliseum. Just like the Colosseum in Rome that is almost 2,000 years old, our Marketing Automation Coliseum reliably and automatically creates new, more, and better patients for your practice on autopilot.

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As you would expect, the Coliseum is built on a foundation of Automation & Done-For You. Without technology to automate, the manual to-do’s will overwhelm your team and won’t get done. Without pre-built, multi-step campaigns you won’t have time to write copy, design ads and landing pages, and assemble all the pieces. mLive Software does all the heavy lifting. mLive’s exceptional team of direct response marketers build ready-to-deploy campaigns that are carefully crafted to generate response.

What are the four pillars to the Coliseum that generate a steady stream of patients?

Communicate & Educate.

Doctors must reliably and consistently communicate and educate prospects and patients. As the expert and authority (you have a Dr. in front of your name!), you must lead patients to the treatment options that serve them best. Rather than pushing prospects to your practice through advertising, data shows pulling prospects to you with educational content performs best.

Nurture & Follow Up.

On average, a prospect must be communicated or engaged with at least 5 times prior to a purchase. Most marketing dollars are wasted because of limited follow up. No fail, follow up marketing that nurtures relationships is part of mLive.

Build Relationships & Community.

The greatest source of new patients to any dental practice are referrals. Unfortunately, most doctors practice “transactional-medicine” rather than “relationship-medicine.” By continually educating patients, by proactively communicating with them every month, you deepen patient relationships and create a patient community that is motivated and inspired to refer.

Upsell, Cross Sell, and Next Sell.

While most practices are squarely focused on ‘new patients,’ successful practices know that increasing the lifetime value of an existing patient is an easier path for growth and profit. Few practices know their Lifetime Patient Value (LPV). mLive educates existing patients about new treatment options and services you offer to illicit interest and generate internal appointments.

Outcomes of Marketing Automation

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Lead Generation.

With marketing automation, your practice will attract higher quality and quantity new patient leads. mLive content and education provides a magnetic pull, creating interest in place of resistance. Given the choice, patients prefer to select the doctor and practice that is pulling them with education rather than pushing them with ads. 

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Lead to Patient Conversion.

No Trust = No Sale. If the prospect doesn’t trust you and your practice, they will not accept treatment. If you don’t follow up, they will quickly forget about you. If you look like every other practice in your community, they will see you as a commodity, and buy the lowest price. mLive’s automated multi-step patient education and follow up builds your credibility and keeps you “top of mind” with prospects.

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Patient Retention & Referrals.

Retaining patients to increase Lifetime Patient Value (LPV) and having them refer friends and family is paramount to practice growth. You must focus on relationships rather than transactions. You must build a community that patients are proud to be part of. If patients don’t hear from you, learn from you, and take your advice they will look elsewhere. Genuine relationships inspire referrals and introductions.

Grow Your Dental Practice With Marketing Automation

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With marketing automation, you can reach thousands of prospects and patients with the click of a button. To generate new business, you must educate. Marketing automation moves your dental practice to new heights and makes new patient generation, prospect to patient conversion, and patient retention and referrals dramatically easier and quicker than ever before.

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