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Tracking metrics is super important. I’m not a good tracker which is why I use mLive to send out automated email campaigns and they track for me. I recommend this to my clients.

“mLive has been a great asset to our business. Their campaigns are easy to customize and enable us to reach our broad patient base with the click of a button!”

Sarah D., Office Administrator

Let me paint a realistic picture for you. We desperately needed to spruce up our marketing…we post about holidays, staff birthdays, anniversaries, the occasional article, and raffles to win a free electric toothbrush… you’ve seen it all before. With restricted budgets, staff, and most of all schedules, options seemed limited for digital marketing. mLive is the savior that optimizes patient communication, social media engagement, and most importantly a steady stream of appointments delivered directly to your books! Time, money, energy…SAVED with mLive!”

“31 appointment requests after just one campaign! We love mLive. We love the ever-growing content selection, the automatic follow-up, the thorough customer care, and most of all the results! mLive is efficient, effective digital marketing for practices looking to grow!”

“We were so impressed with the content of the campaigns and could not wait to launch them to our patients and prospective patients. We recently launched the Invisalign and Braces campaign and converted two patients who were on the fence of getting clear aligners from the campaign alone.”

Lori Costa / Office Administrator

“I love what mLive does.  I love how it does it and most of all, I love the benefits that it brings and the results it achieves.  The ability to communicate and educate patients is, in my opinion, the key to a referral-based practice that doesn’t have to rely on random acts of external marketing.  This system will enable practices to attract more of the types of patients they want, while not spending fortunes on marketing schemes that attract unqualified shoppers. This system can put your communication and education efforts into hyperdrive.  It can reduce your marketing costs while increasing your patient retention and even case acceptance rates.  And, with the guarantee that comes with it, this is simply too good to pass up.  What are you waiting for…another crisis?”

“I’ve been in marketing for 35 years and this is the best-written copy and content I’ve ever seen for dental consumers. We were very impressed by the various campaign topics, turnkey emails, and social media posts alike. Marketing automation is not a new phenomenon but other software claims to have the “best content” when it’s all the same redundant, recycled material. mLive provides thought-provoking, original content that’s specifically tailored to get our prospects and patients off the fence and in the chair.”

John Healy / Marketing Manager

“I had to call and have you send my leads to my admin after getting 18 appointment requests in 24 hours, I couldn’t keep up…”

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