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Increase your group’s bottom line without spending a dime on marketing.

Too often DSOs and private practice groups overlook one of their biggest assets…existing patients! mLive’s automation and full-service custom content solution helps these groups activate patients while maintaining a personal touch, increasing return on equipment & technology, promoting high-value treatments, and more.


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Done-For-You Management.

mLive gives DSOs and private practice groups the flexibility to set brand-wide initiatives or unique strategies for each location. We align custom education and engagement campaigns with the goals of your group, resulting in higher revenue per patient visit. A streamlined “done-for-you” management process maximizes organizational efficiency across your business.

Stand Out From Other DSOs With Higher Margin.

Drive high value treatment case acceptance and patient retention with advanced segmented communications.

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Break Down Silos

Group practices & DSOs share a common challenge in coordinating patient communication across locations. This disconnect can result in individual practices operating according to their own preferences and standards. The result is often an inconsistent, unreliable, confusing messaging that frustrates patients and contributes to higher attrition rates.

Because of these challenges, most organizations do what is easy, sending impersonal or infrequent messages, appointment reminders, and birthday texts. None of these build a personal relationship with your patients!

Automated delivery, combined with specialized, helpful, and educational content will foster a trusting relationship with patients and prospects. The result is higher case acceptance, increased revenue per visit, and an improved bottom line for your business.

Increase Margin Without Spending A Dime On Marketing.

Increased costs and declining reimbursements…sound familiar? Most group practices and DSOs focus on new patient acquisition and 3rd party marketing to offset these challenging economic realities. Why pay Google or Facebook thousands of dollars per month (or more), only to compete with every other local practice, group practice, or DSO? Why not focus on the untapped high-value treatments right in front of you?

mLive grows your bottom line without spending a dime on marketing. It’s done by nurturing and engaging your most valuable assets – existing patients and prospects.

At mLive we believe that automation and communication software is merely a tool. That’s why we invest heavily in content that is unique and specific to your efforts. Our content creation team specializes in patient engagement and prospect nurturing. Our Customer Success team works with you one-on-one to explore growth initiatives, strategize best practices, and put your plans into action.

Proprietary Engagement Automation Software, Coupled With Highly Skilled Specialists & Engaging Content

Go beyond appointment reminders or impersonal one-off messages. Improved retention and more high-value treatments will increase your bottom line.

Generate High Value Treatment From Existing Patient Databases

Increase Treatment Case Acceptance & Retention

Educate Your Existing Patients W/A Personal Touch

Specialized Campaigns That Increase Treatment Case Acceptance, Revenue Per Treatment & Your Profit Margin


New Practice Activation

New Associate Introduction

Video Campaigns

Referral Campaigns

Patient Reactivation

Equipment & Technology Promotion


Sleep Apnea

Dental Implants

Invisalign/ Clear Aligners

Same Day Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

... and much more!

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Real-Time Engagement & Performance Metrics

Maintain visibility into campaign performance, patient engagement, and more.

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Discover How mLive Software Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Growth Guarantee

Use mLive for 12 months to engage with existing patients and prospects. If after that time you have not increased your average revenue per patient visit we will provide a full refund.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Hear what others are saying about mLive.

Dr. Walter H.

“I’ve been in marketing for 35 years and this is the best-written copy and content I’ve ever seen for dental consumers. We were very impressed by the various campaign topics, turnkey emails, and social media posts alike."

Dr. Amber W.

“mLive is the savior that optimizes patient communication, social media engagement, and most importantly a steady stream of appointments delivered directly to your books! Time, money, energy…SAVED with mLive!”

Dr. Ann H.

“mLive has been a great asset to our business. Their campaigns are easy to customize and enable us to reach our broad patient base with the click of a button!”

Dr. Michael G.

“I love what mLive does. I love how it does it and most of all, I love the benefits that it brings and the results it achieves. The ability to communicate and educate patients is, in my opinion, the key to a referral-based practice that doesn’t have to rely on random acts of external marketing.”

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