How Do I Attract New Patients Now?

  • Are you frustrated by the trickle of new patients that come into your practice?
  • Do you wonder why the money you invest in advertising isn’t translating to new patients in the chair?
  • Are you irritated that your competition is attracting more new patients despite having lower quality clinical care?

To fix these problems you must start by knowing your Patient Attraction Score™. The higher your Score, the more attractive your practice is to new patients, like a magnet to steel.

For a limited time, request a complimentary, no obligation review of your practice's marketing and digital performance without having to talk to a human.

Request My Patient Attraction Score

The Patient Attraction Review, Score, and Scorecard Summary Video is often EYE-OPENING and humbling for Doctors to watch.

We audit your marketing, assign a Score, and send you a Scorecard Summary along with a detailed video explanation that identifies what you are doing well and opportunities for improvement.

Just yesterday...

A Doc got his score and literally could not believe all the ways he’s been flushing money down the toilet from Facebook ‘Experts’ missing Facebook Advertising basics, to Google Ads ‘Gurus’ who are literally lighting his money on fire with ads that lead to no data capture, to his website that was designed by a local ‘Friend’ that didn’t even include the most important 3 elements of a website!

The Doc ended the Scorecard Summary Video feeling informed, steamed, and humbled.

Request your Patient Attraction Review, Score, and Scorecard Summary Video NOW.

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