4 Tips to Get More Patients Into Your Dental Practice

December 2, 2020

How to Keep Your Practice Busy with Dental Marketing

Most dentists would agree that having a busy practice is a good problem to have. Having a steady flow of new and recurring patients is the best way to take your practice to the next level, but sometimes patient acquisition can be troublesome. For most dental professionals and their staff, they studied dentistry and how to better care for their patients, not business or marketing. So when it comes to promoting their practice, many dentists feel a little lost or that they aren’t getting the most value out of their dental marketing budget. To help with this, the team behind mLive™ have created a guide of the four best tips to get more patients into your practice.

Get (and Keep) More Patients Every Day

  • Email Drip Campaigns

An email drip campaign is a specially targeted dental marketing campaign that goes out to potential patients and is designed to convert them over time. It works by sending an initial email to get them interested, then after they take a specific action or a certain length of time has passed, a second follow up email will go out. And this pattern continues until the prospect becomes an actual patient. Drip campaigns work because you typically need to present yourself in front of a patient 8 times via email before they say yes! That’s a lot of emails, but it can be automated for you.

  • Follow Up with Leads

One of the biggest mistakes many practices make is allowing potential patient leads to fall through the cracks. We get it, running your practice is time-consuming and sometimes you just forget. But that one patient you forgot might have been a lifetime patient or one who needed high-dollar procedures completed. Following up with EVERY lead is crucial to practice growth and an essential part of dental marketing.

  • Get Referrals from Existing Patients

The best patients are the ones who were referred by an existing one. A referral is instant credibility for your practice, and these patients tend to stick around. But many practices find it difficult to get referrals because they either don’t feel comfortable asking patients, or don’t ask enough. Every one of your happy patients should be asked to provide referrals and reviews.

  • Track Results and Evolve Campaigns

Every practice in every region is different from the others. For this reason, it is crucial to review your results of any marketing campaign, then alter the campaigns to better suit your needs. To track results, you need to be following up with every patient, reviewing each email, checking the text responses, and interviewing referral patients. Once you have all the data, you can make the most educated and best decisions for your practice. 

That’s a lot of Work! Is There an Easier Way?

Yes, there is an easier way to dental marketing! This is why we created mLive, the most innovative and effective dental marketing platform available. We understand that you would rather spend more time with patients and doing the work you love, not the business side of things. So with the mLive platform, we automate the marketing, patient acquisition, and communication so you can focus on your passion. Once set up with our mLive platform, dental marketing will become a breeze as we follow all four of these tips for you. Our automatic and results-driven solutions will make patients feel like you are really paying attention to them and their needs, ensuring long-term patient retention and new patient acquisition. Dental marketing has never been easier!

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